Winging it

I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent almost every last moment of the last two months, preparing, researching, thinking and organising myself and thoughts before I fly across the world. And somehow, there just haven’t been enough seconds. Sat on Gatwick airport floor, the memory of the closing train doors on my bag thankfully fading, I’m hastily scrawling heartfelt letters to post whilst charging my phone before I hear my gate is closing. Oops. I finish purchasing my travel insurance (you really can do it that last minute but I don’t overly recommend) and re-pack before my next mad dash, I assure you, the last minute is how to get the most out of life…

Nevertheless, I’ve made it to the plane and nothing has fallen apart or been forgotten yet. Flat vacated, visas triple checked and vaccinations almost completed (there’s a global shortage I swear) and some incredibly hard goodbyes have been done. What’s more, Specsavers took in my rejected glasses for more worthy causes and some charity shop is probably overflowing from the old girl tops I should have thrown out when I grew out of them. I feel lighter, I’m only responsible for the 14kg of material possessions in my care.

It’s been a wonderfully exhausting combination of socialising, drinking, thinking ahead and packing to get me to today, but I’ve done it and I’m still incredibly naîve as to what lies ahead. The middle seat on the plane next to me is ominously empty – is this a joke from the powers that be, reminding me I have only myself to blame, I say no… I’ll just get some more wine.

It’s the beginning of something new, my feet haven’t touched the ground and already I have some seconds I want to make count:

1. You can buy travel insurance if you don’t have a return flight, just make sure it’s the right cover. STA Travel sorted me out but nothing a quick 5am Google can’t sort

2. Booking a return flight is probably cheaper in the long run and arguably makes things simpler but it feels a lot less adventurous

3. Specasavers donate your old glasses to charities in countries around the world where such things are less readily available

4. Norwegian Air may be cheap but if you take your own food, headphones and blanket, it’s one of the better, more comfortable, gadget-esq, long haul trips you can ask for at that price

5. Lists are invaluable as long as you make them and check them.

What’s the purpose of this blog I hear you scream, I’m not sure yet, I think I’ll just figure it out when the moment is right.. Or likely at the last possible moment. In the meantime, I make a promise to you that I will try and keep it interesting whilst I do, or at the very least, short.

#esc #notquiteanomad #funemployed #wingingit #becausewhynot


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