Plastic Diaries – Day 1

My Christmas has been spent realising just how terrible a situation we are in. No, I don’t mean Brexit, family arguments or otherwise. What I’m talking about is the plastic situation. Slowly but surely, we have sentenced our beautiful oceans and lands to a poisonous, toxic future of plastic suffocation and I no longer want to be a part of it.

New Year’s Day arrives and I boldly announce that I shall not be buying any plastic that is to be thrown away, not event the recycled stuff, I do not want to contribute to the piles of rubbish in Asia anymore.

If you’re to believe that Green Peace article, 79% of the world’s ‘recycled’ plastic ends up in landfill. Having been blessed enough to travel for months on end in 2018, I just can’t choose ignorance and pretend that I’m OK with sitting on my Western pile of red meat, Walkers crisps and plastic wrapped avocados whilst someone else is picking their way through animals trapped in plastic beer can holders and ‘recycled’ bags.

If I thought going vegetarian or tee-total was hard, I think I’m about to be in for a complete shock.

If this were the Matrix, I have decided to start 2019 with the red pill firmly in my hand…let’s just hope it isn’t sold in plastic casing.

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