Plastic Diaries – Not Just for January

It’s the final night of my dry – single -use -plastic January. And I think you know, I know, we all know that this isn’t just for January, it’s for life. I can’t go back, I know too much now.

Some said it would be expensive, others said it would be impossible, then there were those who were just plain curious.

My posts haven’t kept up with my experiences, but it’s been an amazing start and it’s not over, I’m going to keep sharing my experiences, past and future. I went to the trouble of photographing my food shops for you… just like plastic packaging, those pictures can’t go to waste.

The main lesson? This was so doable. I feel like Prince Harry introducing Meghan Markle to the Royal Family every time I tell someone I’ve given up plastic: it seemed so impossible but actually, I found a way to make it work and I’m so happy.

Just count my plastic waste this month and tell me that’s not what success looks like.

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