Plastic diaries – Unintentionally Veggie

It’s late and I’m locked in debate with a vegan friend; he’s convinced he can encourage me to make the switch. However, his argument is as badly pitched as Melania Trump’s controversial coat choice last year.

A month in now and I can reliably inform him that I’m making much more ethical choices when it comes to meat. Anything processed or likely maltreated, is wrapped in plastic sin so I won’t touch it anyway. The plastic life has taken me to butchers, farmers markets and well, the vegetable aisle. I’m a… plasticarian for lack of a better word and I’m pretty sure it’s the healthiest diet going.

On occasion I do miss meat but it’s entirely within my power to go out and hunt it down. Vegans do get a lot of stick and actually, he’s an environmental vegan so a lot of respect to him as I couldn’t do it…I just hope any supplements he takes aren’t coated in plastic. 😉


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