Mooncup – save the environment one period at a time

National Geographic had a brilliant article the other week about the shocking plastic waste that’s collecting across our oceans and coastlines. It’s horrifying and distressing and I’m so glad that we’re finally waking up to the reality. The article included the handy list of how to reduce/reuse/recycle without overly inhibiting your lifestyle: carry a re-usable bag, decline plastic straws etc. However, they missed off a way in which you can actually improve your lifestyle and help the planet, use a Mooncup.

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First Stop: New York

New York, you have another notch on your belt. Never before has a snap decision felt so good! The plane landed, security was a breeze and it was late but I felt so self-assured that I hopped on the subway. Each neighbourhood flashed passed my eyes as the heat washed over me, it felt so strange to be foreign in an English speaking country and the jet lag was slowly hitting me but I couldn’t wait to explore.

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Winging it

I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent almost every last moment of the last two months, preparing, researching, thinking and organising myself and thoughts before I fly across the world. And somehow, there just haven’t been enough seconds. Sat on Gatwick airport floor, the memory of the closing train doors on my bag thankfully fading, I’m hastily scrawling heartfelt letters to post whilst charging my phone before I hear my gate is closing. Oops. I finish purchasing my travel insurance (you really can do it that last minute but I don’t overly recommend) and re-pack before my next mad dash, I assure you, the last minute is how to get the most out of life…

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