Sucre – finding happiness in chaos


Bleary-eyed and crumpled against the bus window, I roused myself from sleep and looked up at my companions. Following their gaze, I looked left and felt that heart-dropping sensation people talk about..I wasn’t looking left, I was looking down and I could have scooped some mud off the mountain floor, despite being sat in a bus.

Guess the rain and the bad roads had finally caught up with us.

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Mooncup – save the environment one period at a time

National Geographic had a brilliant article the other week about the shocking plastic waste that’s collecting across our oceans and coastlines. It’s horrifying and distressing and I’m so glad that we’re finally waking up to the reality. The article included the handy list of how to reduce/reuse/recycle without overly inhibiting your lifestyle: carry a re-usable bag, decline plastic straws etc. However, they missed off a way in which you can actually improve your lifestyle and help the planet, use a Mooncup.

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Huayhuash hike – surviving alongside strangers

Full of conflict, I stared longingly into the travel agent’s eyes.. Could he tell me if the next eight days would be full of sunshine and no rain… Please let it be.

Despite my better thoughts, Irish enthusiasm, US determination, French.. je ne sais quoi and Israeli courage had convinced me into handing over 900 soles to Jose for the Huayhuash trek. I was in, committed to the 105km, 5000m high and 8 pass mountain trek… with 8 other strangers for the next week.

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Five days in Quito

After the comfort and tranquility of Colombian coaches, Ecuadorian buses and vendors were a bit of a shock to the system. The sheer quantity of food/drink/ice cream sellers boarding was absurd… I think I increased in weight on Ecuadorian buses alone. Further advice includes: don’t expect air-con or wifi and empty your bowels before departure..lest you wish to have a hasty toilet break at some remote stop, sweating and stressing about an imminent bus departure without you on board. 🙈

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