Five days in Quito

After the comfort and tranquility of Colombian coaches, Ecuadorian buses and vendors were a bit of a shock to the system. The sheer quantity of food/drink/ice cream sellers boarding was absurd… I think I increased in weight on Ecuadorian buses alone. Further advice includes: don’t expect air-con or wifi and empty your bowels before departure..lest you wish to have a hasty toilet break at some remote stop, sweating and stressing about an imminent bus departure without you on board. 🙈

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Be the crutch you want to have in the world – tales of gratitude from an injured backpacker

The weekend before Christmas! Almost four months have passed since I left home and yet, my British roots stay strong as I just can’t get into the spirit without being cold, wet and grumpy. Brazil beach heat has thrown my winter radar way out of whack. Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the season for giving and thinking of others. Unsurprisingly, with my leg in a splint, I’ve had much more time to reflect and think of all the amazing people who have helped me hobble through the last month.

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Salento – getting lost in nature

An easy bus from Medellin, Salento was our first arrival at night as we missed the earlier bus…fortunately, there couldn’t be a better place for it. Our journey was almost a private coach hire experience, sharing our oranges with the driver and watching Netflix with no one else on board, we pulled into Salento’s cobbled square. A few blocks in and a local had given us more directions to our hostel just four blocks away. I loved this place already.

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Made in Medellin

Expectations were high for my next city stop but regardless I couldn’t have been more delighted to disembark from the sea-sick inducing 10 hour bus through the mountains from Bogotá. If you can fly this cheap, short distance, do it! My arrival was also rather momentous as I had what now felt like a long lost friend waiting for me at the terminal, ready to help me navigate Medellin’s streets and lug my overweight bag around town. 😊

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